This is an exploration of Wikis as a tool to enhance teaching and learning.

What is a Wiki?

Wikis in Plain English

eLearning Tools Landscape

The eLearning Tools Landscape is a clickable map that represents a range of digital technologies that are available at VCU. The map is organized into four areas of instructional use to facilitate identification and selection of technology to support teaching and learning.

Examples of Some Wikis:


This document is one example of a work created in WikiSpaces
I have used this to create my own learning space and I have collaboratively developed writing projects in this space. See the list of pages to the left.

See WikiSpaces videos and tours to learn more about what you can do in this collaborative environment.

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Confluence (Wiki)



Login to VCU Wiki
The VCU Wiki is designed to make it easy for you and your team to share information with each other, and with the world.

All content in the VCU Wiki is organized into spaces. So to start browsing content, simply click on one of the spaces listed on the VCU Wiki home page.

To see all the spaces and edit pages, you will need to log in to the wiki with your VCU eID and password. If you see your user name instead of the Log In link, you are already logged in.

All VCU Wiki users can create their own personal space. To do so, log in, then click on your username in the upper right hand corner, and then select Create Personal Space from the drop down menu. To create a system wide space, email the VCU wiki administrator at

To learn more information about the VCU Wiki which utilizes the Confluence wiki, please view the confluence users guide.

Blackboard Wiki


  • New in Blackboard version 9.1
  • Limited to members of a particular course in Blackboard
  • Not available to students after the course has been closed
  • Faculty, Staff and Students at VCU may access tutorials on the Blackboard Wiki at Atomic Learning (requires VCU EID login)
  • Video tutorials available at Atomic Learning>