Visual Literacy DRAFT

This is a rough starting point to research the topic and then create something to assist our faculty; this might be a class, a seminar, a workshop or a learning community. Items listed are off the top of my head and my not have anything to do with the final product. Some are overlapping with interest in storytelling (and digital form), etc. This will be focused later.

Important Questions

How can images be used to enhance teaching and learning?
How can students use images?
How is digital information different from print? (Michael Welsch) By extension, how are digital images different from printed images (originals) (reproduced)?

Definition of visual literacy
Photographic images
Hand-made images
  • drawings (starting with petroglyphs, cave paintings, etc.)
Power of images
Images to convey feeling
Journalistic images
Images to set context of learning (banners, image which coveys result of understanding many smaller things, components, etc. such as a photo of a construction crane in a physics class)
Art images
Black and White images
Self-imposed limitations - ASA 64 Club
Color Images
Images to support text
Images to replace text
Tactile quality of images
History of photography
Images as part of multimedia

check terminology "Symbolic Interactionalism"
Blogs about images
Visual Literacy Society
Existing courses - online resources

Images in storytelling
Images used to support social agendas
Images as propaganda
  • Such as Hitler's photographer ( and woman film maker ????)
  • Other examples

Images in teaching
Scientific images
Astronomy - Hubble and more
NASA resources
High-speed photography - Doc. Egerton

Using Web 2.0 to experience, interact with, discuss images

Make notes on images??? with Diigo - have discussions

Picture is worth a thousand words??????

Images in advertising

Social sharing of resources Flickr
Creative Commons

International Visual Literacy Assoc.

The On-Line Visual Literacy Project

WRITING / Storytelling
Text to create mental images
Relationship to poetry

Jacob Riis

Jacob Riis: Shedding Light On NYC's 'Other Half' by [[

2101185|Robert Siegel]]= in General
Michael Welsch