About This Page

This page is a place in which I will explore SoftChalk, LLC, ScoreCenter and Connect for use in higher education. It will most likely be a space to ask myself questions, explore possible answers, draft step-by-step instructions, link to established resources, etc.

Target Audience

My target audience for any work generated by this site will be the faculty and students of VCU.


  • VCU Faculty access to SoftChalk software is available by logging into VCU Blackboard and clicking the SoftChalk link in MY FACULTY DOWNLOADS (requires a valid VCU EID and password)
  • Sample SoftChalkLessons
  • Video Tutorials
  • Introductory WebinarsSoftChalk, LLC's, general webinars include introductions to SoftChalk, SoftChalk CONNECT and ScoreCenter.

Online Resources and Step-by-step Instructions


Use ScoreCenter as a means to track student scores and publish them to the Blackboard GradeCenter (GradeBook)